MURDER accused Gerard Baden-Clay’s father has described his son’s marriage as private, telling a court he knew nothing of their marital and financial problems. Nigel Baden-Clay said he was “very close” to his son and he loved Allison as a daughter-in-law. Gerard has pleaded not guilty in Brisbane Supreme Court to murdering his wife Allison on April 19, Mr Baden-Clay said he helped his son set up his real estate business but had since retired and by was just helping erect signs each week. Mr Baden-Clay said Gerard had met Allison in and they married in but he did not learn about Allison’s depression until four or five years into the marriage when she sought help from his wife Elaine. Mr Baden-Clay, who lives five minutes away in Kenmore, said he saw his three granddaughters at least once a week but they had learned early on to respect the couple’s privacy. He said early in the marriage, Gerard and Allison had asked them not to visit without ringing first. Mr Baden-Clay was the first person his son called on April 20, , before calling police and other friends. He said he was in the middle of a Skype call with his son in Canada to meet his new grandson who had been born in recent days when his son phoned about 6. Mr Baden-Clay said he rushed around with his daughter Olivia Walton, who was visiting from Townsville.

Wife killer Gerard Baden-Clay is a ‘model’ prisoner

Reposting from darsha. We hope to support and educate the wider community on the importance for change with family and domestic violence. Please check out the theabcfoundation and support anyway you can. Last night we saw Brisbane light up yellow for Strivetobekind day! A day that was celebrated by many wearing a splash of yellow or performing acts of kindness.

Twitter data for the murder trial of Gerard Baden-Clay. The law prohibiting contempt by words dates back to 14th Century England, of news about criminal trials and online participation in conversations about them.

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Former prestige Brisbane real estate agent Gerard Baden-Clay has been found guilty of murdering his wife Allison two years ago. A jury, comprising seven men and five women, found the year-old guilty of killing his wife at their home in the leafy Brisbane suburb of Brookfield on April 19, , and dumping her body in nearby Kholo Creek at Anstead.

Baden-Clay was embroiled in an affair with his long-time mistress and former employee Toni McHugh, while under extreme financial pressure owing hundreds of thousands of dollars to friends, family and former business partners at the time of his wife’s disappearance. The father-of-three, who has been jailed since his arrest in June , will be sentenced to life imprisonment, marking a dramatic fall from grace for the man who prided himself on his lineage as the great-grandson of famed Scout movement founder Lord Robert Baden-Powell.

A kayaker found Mrs Baden-Clay’s badly swollen and decomposing body on the muddy banks of Kholo Creek on April 30, – 10 days after her husband reported her missing.

Vanessa is sister of the late Allison Baden-Clay, a victim of domestic violence in Grab your diary to lock in the following dates.

Gerard Bayden-Clay led a double life on sex and dating websites before he was found guilty of killing his wife Allison three years ago. The year-old, who had his charges downgraded from murder to manslaughter in Brisbane on Tuesday, created an online dating profile under the pseudonym ‘Bruce Overland’ in He started using the swingers and dating website Adult Friend Finder on New Year’s Eve of that year to find women willing to have sex with him. Scroll down for video. Gerard Bayden-Clay led a double life on sex and dating websites before he was found guilty of killing his wife Allison at their Brisbane home in April Baden-Clay painted himself as a man in his 40s from Brisbane who was a non-smoker, light drinker and of ‘average male endowment’.

In real life, Baden-Clay was a successful real estate agent and head of his local chamber of commerce. He also appeared to be a doting husband and father to their three daughters. Baden-Clay used the pseudonym Bruce Overland to hide his double life. His online sex pursuits came at a time when Baden-Clay’s wife Allison was trying to mend their troubled marriage after finding out about his three-and-a-half year affair with his mistress Toni McHugh.

Gerard Baden-Clay demands to be part of daughters’ lives from prison

Baden-Clay is already serving a life sentence in a Queensland prison for the killing his wife Allison at their Brookfield, Brisbane home in But that sentence, handed down by the Supreme Court, saw the DPP’s recommended charge of murder downgraded to a manslaughter charge, of which the former real estate agent was convicted. Baden-Clay’s lawyers have argued there was not enough evidence to support a murder charge, and that he may have covered up her death by dumping her body after she died accidentally.

Since Baden-Clay was sentenced, some 73, people have signed a petition urging the state’s DPP to appeal the sentence. The High Court this morning agreed to hear the appeal, but a specific date is yet to be set for the hearings. Allison’s family, the Dickie family, this morning released a statement that they would not be commenting on the Court’s ruling.

When it came to another online profile, though, Baden-Clay was he created a profile on the swingers’ and online dating website Adult Friend.

THE family of Allison Baden-Clay, whose husband Gerard was convicted of her murder, have described the prospect of a “long road ahead of us” after an appeal was scheduled for August 7. In a statement, the family says it has no comment to make regarding the looming appeal by Mr Baden-Clay, except to say they are waiting for the justice system to exhaust all avenues so they can “move forward with our grieving and our lives”.

On behalf of Allison’s loving family and friends, we are aware that an appeal date has been set for August 7 in the Queensland Court of Appeal. We have no comment to make on the matter other than we are waiting for the justice system to complete all relevant processes so we can move forward with our grieving and our lives. We still have a long road ahead of us coming to terms with this horrific crime.

We would ask you all to respect our privacy during this difficult time. The family will be making no further comments on the matter. The jury spent about 21 hours deliberating before finding the former real estate agent guilty following a six week trial in the Brisbane Supreme Court. According to documents filed last year the grounds of the appeal include the verdict of murder was unreasonable and a miscarriage of justice had occurred. The defence claimed the jury should have been, but was not, directed that the presence of the deceased’s blood Allison Baden-Clay in a motor vehicle was only relevant if the jury was satisfied beyond reasonable doubt that the presence of blood was attributable to an injury sustained to the deceased’s body on the evening of April 19, or the morning of April 20, Furthermore, the trial judge erred in law in not directing the jury that they needed to be satisfied beyond reasonable doubt that the appellant Gerard Baden-Clay placed the body of the deceased at Kholo Creek in order to use such a finding as post-offence conduct going to guilt.

Lastly, the trial judge erred in leaving to the jury that the appellant attempted to disguise marks on his face by making razor cuts. Baden-Clay is currently housed in the Wolston Correctional Centre where he is serving a life sentence for the murder.

Baden-Clay’s life insurance claim denied

Thank you for signing up. Sorry, it looks like an error occurred. Jurors hearing the murder case against Gerard Baden-Clay will visit the site where his wife’s body was found under a bridge in Brisbane.

Allison Baden-Clay of Australia. Australia’s beloved Allison was killed in Brisbane​, Queensland on April 19th, by her husband. He was sentenced to life in.

He knew all along where she was. Tomorrow’s couriermail front page badenclay pic. The man convicted of murdering and raping Jill Meagher has launched legal action against Victorian Legal Aid after he was denied legal aid for an appeal. AAP reports that a legal team acting pro bono for Bayley has told a court he should have access to taxpayer-funded lawyers to fight two rape convictions. Bayley is serving a life sentence after being convicted of murder and rape.

His non-parole period was increased from 35 years to 43 years in May after he was convicted of three further rapes, two of which he wants to appeal. For more read this post here. The report, which cannot be verified, says that year-old Elmir is believed to have been killed eight to 10 weeks ago, apparently in a bombing raid.

Baden-Clay not alone in manipulating crime scenes

Wife-killer Gerard Baden-Clay is a ‘model’ prisoner, who keeps a low profile and schmoozes prison officers. An anonymous source told The Courier Mail the man, who was convicted of the murder of his wife Allison, Baden-Clay ‘does everything he is asked to do’. Baden-Clay, 47, is serving a life sentence in Wolston Prison, which is also home to Brett Peter Cowan, who was convicted of the murder of Daniel Morcombe.

Gerard Baden-Clay pictured left was convicted of murdering wife Allison left in and handed a life sentence for his crime. Allison right was survived by her three young daughters, who Baden-Clay left is now banned from having any contact with.

The date coincided with Mrs Baden-Clay’s birthday. In an email to Ms McHugh in early April, Baden-Clay wrote: “Leave things to me now.” Baden-.

Australia’s beloved Allison was killed in Brisbane, Queensland on April 19th, by her husband. He was sentenced to life in prison on July 15, Log in or Sign up. Salem , May 4, Replies: Views: 95, Kimster , Jul 18, Replies: Views: 61,

Baden-Clay judgement A Current Affair 2016

Slain Queensland mother Allison Baden-Clay’s life insurance payout will go to her family, not the husband who murdered her, a court has confirmed. The policy was jointly held by Allison, 43, and her husband, Gerard Baden-Clay. It was one of two that were frozen after Baden-Clay was charged with his wife’s murder in June Allison’s parents, Geoff and Priscilla Dickie, are caring for the couple’s three daughters. Baden-Clay, 44, tried to claim the insurance shortly after his wife’s body was found on a creek bank at Anstead in Brisbane’s west in April After he was charged, the Federal Court became involved and froze the funds pending the outcome of criminal proceedings.

GERARD Baden-Clay was a man looking for women on the worlds largest sex, dating and swingers site before the death of his wife.

GERARD Baden-Clay might be a cheater with “despicable” and “abhorrent” morals but that does not, his lawyer has argued, make him a murderer. Nor do his financial problems or other “foibles” give him reasonable motive for killing his wife of 14 years, the 15 jurors tasked with deciding Mr Baden-Clay’s guilt or innocence were told. Defence barrister Michael Byrne submitted in Brisbane Supreme Court that the jury could not convict his client unless they were “satisfied beyond reasonable doubt that Gerard killed Allison”.

Mr Byrne said the evidence in the past month had shown his client was “not one to rise to great passion and explode”, even when his affair was revealed. He said the Crown theory that he suddenly did so on April 19, , to violently attack his wife and then unceremoniously dump her body did not fit. Mr Byrne asked the jury to exercise common sense when it came to the other suggested motive – financial pressure. Mr Byrne told the jury to focus on the limitations of the experts who testified the scratches on Mr Baden-Clay’s face were from fingernails.

He said they agreed they could not exclude other possibilities and it was not ideal interpreting injuries from photographs instead of doing an examination in person. Mr Byrne asked the jury to look at two big holes in the Crown case – no cause of death and no crime scene.

Baden-Clay defence hammers prosecution over lack of evidence

He murdered their mum, Allison, and has not had contact with the girls – now 15, 13 and 10 – for almost three years. Gerard Baden Clay may be locked up in a cell away from his children, but he is still trying to be a part of their lives from behind bars. The year-old former real estate agent is s erving a life sentence for murdering his wife , and mother of his three children, Allison.

Baden-Clay has not had contact with the girls – now 15, 13 and 10 – for almost three years, but has requested to send photos to them and to receive pictures of his daughters in return. But the request to seek open communication with his daughters from Wolston Correctional Centre at Wacol in Brisbane, has been thwarted, The Courier Mail reports.

Today’s High Court ruling re-instating the murder conviction against Gerard Baden-Clay for killing his wife Allison has been described as a.

He said that fairly early in the marriage of Baden-Clay and his wife, they were asked not to show up and visit without phoning first. He said his wife recommended Ms Baden-Clay see a GP they trusted, who referred her on to a psychiatric specialist. He said the Baden-Clay girls came to his place at Durness St for a barbecue on the evening of April 19, He said his son immediately went to search for his wife when he got to the house on Brookfield Rd.

He said the first police to arrive were two constables who were there for around 20 minutes before two sergeants arrived and later, two officers from Homicide. Mr Baden-Clay said he received a phone call from Ms Walton at 10am who asked him to pick up one of the Baden-Clay girls from school because she was feeling a bit anxious. He said he lived with his wife on Durness St at Kenmore since and that he thought his son met his wife at Flight Centre in He said he saw his son at least once a week and helped him periodically with his real estate business since Mr Baden-Clay said his son set up his own business – Century 21 Westside – in October, and he worked there as a sales person.

Interpreting R. V. Baden-Clay: ‘Discovering the Inward Intention’, or ‘What Lies under the Veil’?

Academic journal article University of Queensland Law Journal. As Lord Chief Justice Brian noted long ago, 3 ‘the devil himself knows not the thought of man’–so inferring the accused’s guilt from surrounding circumstances is always likely to be a fraught business, most particularly when the ‘malice’ with which an action has been taken is to be determined. In R v Baden-Clay, 5 the accused was convicted at trial of murdering his wife. In brief, no-one saw, or heard, 6 the killing; the body of the deceased, discovered some days after her death, betrayed no injury; the accused consistently denied any involvement in her disappearance, but bore on his face what appeared to be scratches attributable to the deceased’s acting in self-defence.

Baden-Clay’s ties to his children were cut in July when a jury convicted him of murdering his year-old wife at their home at Brookfield in.

The wife he no longer loved. The mistress who wanted him to herself. A long-time-married, long-time-cheating husband with much-forgotten marriage vows. Gerard was also a doting father, prominent businessman and pillar of the community. Head of his local chamber of commerce. Friend of many. He counted politicians and entrepreneurs among his inner circle. But on adultfriendfinder. A married year-old Brisbane man. Non-smoker, light drinker with four years at university. Bruce Overland had often emailed other real estate agents asking questions about listed properties.

He would have done well to use his background as a salesman to sell himself to the women he was seeking. Gerard used the Bruce Overland persona to hide his double life. With Gerard, nothing was as it seemed.

Baden Clay’s father takes the stand