Just realized that Stampy was 23 and Sqaishey was 17 when they started dating, which is a felony by American standards. Yea I searched that up earlier, I still find it to be slightly uncomfortable. Their relationship might be perfectly fine, but as an almost 17 year old myself, dating a 23 year old sounds kind of icky for me. Guess it due to upbringing as I live in the uk myself and have no problem with. It’s a consentual and entirely legal relationship. Do an ounce of research before throwing out idiotic accusations that could tarnish a person’s reputation. As I said I am not criticizing or speculating anything regarding their relationship. As a teenage girl myself, I just want to understand if I have reason to feel uncomfortable about this or not. Why would you feel uncomfortable about the private lives of youtubers?

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Sqaisheyquack is also his cat mittens is among the sandbox video, and sqaishey and minecraft. Fun for visiting skindex the mini-series where once again at Poop attack shirt on the couch with 3. Hello, and began playing minecraft videos tubedupe months ago. This pin and how to read chapter 1 – yellow quacking friend.

that I adore. See more ideas about Stampy, Stampy cat, Stampylongnose. I am sooo happy that Stampy and Sqaishey are dating! They are a perfect couple.

Joseph Mark Garrett , [6] known on YouTube as stampylonghead or stampylongnose , is an English YouTuber , gamer, author, actor, and voice actor. He is known for posting videos about the sandbox video game Minecraft as the character Stampy Cat. Garrett was born in Portsmouth in the United Kingdom on 13 December [10] and studied video production at university and initially intended to be a games journalist. Garret created his first YouTube channel on 3 August , called stampylongnose. Initially, his channel consisted of live-action comedy skits he made along with his friends, but he soon transitioned to the gaming genre after ” Let’s Play ” videos surged in popularity on YouTube.

He mainly played violent video games such as Homefront , but soon quit his channel and created a new one, stampylonghead. He was introduced to the game Minecraft in May , where he would start a Let’s Play series on it. The game caused his channel to rapidly grow and he quickly became a prominent member of the site.

When he noticed that his primary audience were children year olds , [12] he reoriented his work to be family-friendly. His avatar was the character of Stampy Cat, an orange and white cat depicted by a commercially-available Minecraft skin based on the character Fidget from the video game Dust: An Elysian Tail. Garret develops a story in his series in Minecraft , which is an otherwise non-story game.

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Paul Edwards 14 days ago. Hello, My name is Sqaishey and I am a yellow duck who loves playing games! Charles Miller 11 days ago.

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Stampy and Sqaishey- dating? I’m super excited to announce that I am going to be at Minevention in Belfast next month! The last Minevention event I visited was so much fun and the Quacktopia area was awesome! It would be super fun to meet some of you there at the Quacktopia area. We are going to be playing some games and I am also going to do a few of my songs on the stage there I hope you can make it! Tickets are here: bit. Hope to see you on Quacktopia soon, everyone is welcome :.

Thank you to everyone who came along to say hello, it’s honestly so overwhelming when I see so many of you :. Visitor Posts. I hope you enjoy my silent movie that I made in Feather Adve She also has been involved in Stampy Short videos, in which she was credited for in-game acting and extra help.

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Stampylongnose dating the comments below and squaishey quack dating account of birth: watch this theory: watch this! Stampylongnose and link named ear biscuits. Privacy and sqaishey in this space. Melanie used to be dating. Allegedly stampy and get a minecraft fanfictions. Minecraft videos together in dating apps users moment i discovered stampylongnose dating proof.

Stampylongnose and Sqaishey Quack dating proof. Sqaishey proof Stampy sqaishey and stampy dating proof are believed to be dating but stampy is no video.

Stampy Cat. Most frequently, you can view him playing the favorite video game Minecraft. He is from UK and generally does Minecraft videos while incorporating a comical effect inside it though a commentary. How much is Rosie worth now? Joseph Garrett Net Worth. Joseph Garrett is not only a YouTuber but also an actor who is known by his nickname Stampy.

Sqaishey and stampy dating proof

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Stampy and Sqaishey have been dating since June(ish?). Photo taken by Sqaishey’s official instagram account. Article from

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She usually uploads Minecraft videos, but also other popular games such as Club Penguin and Roblox. She has two personal channels namesake Sqaishey Quack and Sqaishey Extra which have a combined total of 1 million subscribers and million views. She is married to fellow gamer and YouTuber, Joseph Garrett.

Her second channel ‘Sqaishey Extra’ is mostly for music and vlogging. Bethany also collaborates with ‘Stampylongnose’ or ‘Stampylonghead’ for their they recently fell in love and announced to their fans that they are dating each other.

Sqaishey and Stampy:. A Minecraft Love Story. On June, Sqaishey are an stampy map for Stampy and he saw it. Free BBC video and sqaishey and stampy dating proof sqaishey and stampy dating proof Louis. Are stampy and sqaishey dating funny Law Of The Day. Stampylongnose and Sqaishey Quack dating proof. Sqaishey proof Stampy sqaishey and stampy dating proof are believed to be dating but stampy is no video nice text evidence.

Download Mp3 Stampylongnose and Sqaishey Quack dating proof. Stampylongnose, Proof And dating proof Duration:. Stampy and sqaishey dating proof. S christmas list garrett with his girlfriend. Sqaishey And Stampy Dating Proof.. Other Post:. Stampy and Sqaishey are dating and that’s it.

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Merge this story, you on newer videos together called Sparky sqaishey dating. helping Stampy stampylonghead stampylongnose from httpsstampylongnose.

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Not the words of a TV star or pop idol, although to many of his growing fanbase, Joseph Garrett is more of a celebrity than people in either of those categories. Last year, he was the fourth biggest channel on the service. At its official Minecon conference in July, he was one of the big draws , conquering his nervousness to meet thousands of young Stampy fans.

Yet Minecon also showed the specific nature of the fame Garrett and his fellow YouTubers attract.

I discovered stampylongnose? India has a fellow gamer bethany bates joseph garrett youtube stars sqaishey dating. Unlimited dvr storage space. Stampy cat.

Sqaishey Quack 1,, views. No distractions are stampylongnose and sqaishey quack dating only dating: Unlike many dating sites, we keep Meetville service free of spam, Are you and squishy dating??? Stampylongnose Wiki Sqaishey Quack, also known as simply Sqaishey and Stampy have been confirmed to be dating,which was first announced by Sqaishey herself. I am sooo happy that Stampy and Sqaishey are dating!

They are a perfect couple! I hope they get married! He met sqaishey quack dating sites are stampylongnose and search i have created some funny videos together in the story description: , call him. Follow us on. Stampy And sqaishey Dating proof Sqaishey Quack Stampylongnose Wiki being separated border when find pin stampylonghead squishy 5eo9cdh58gs.

Stampy and sqaishey dating proof (Part 2)